We have a massive mural planned for the side of our 8136 Washington Street building and are collaborating with
US19 Sign Guy!!

We own our building, so that means this mural will be in place for the next ten plus years.

That's a potential 10 years of advertising for your business.

The spots for your logo and/or business name are on a first come, first serve basis!

You do NOT have to be a member of our chamber to sponsor a spot!
There are only 22 spots for advertising. 

The sponsorship for the mural spot is good for one year. 

Mural Sponsorship is an Add-On to regular sponsorships. You will receive all of the benefits of a normal sponsor PLUS you get your business name and logo, or just your logo on the side of our building depending on the level you choose!

Sponsorship Levels with Mural Add-On:
Bronze Sponsorship ($300 + $100 for Mural):
12 spots for just logos - 6 on either side of mural - $400 Total
Silver Sponsorship ($500 + $150 for Mural):
2 spots for small books - $650 Total
Gold Sponsorship ($750 + $200 for Mural):
2 medium books - $950 Total
Platinum Sponsorship ($1000 + $750 for Mural):
6 spots for large books: $1750 Total